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 15.9 - 22.10

solo show
lawrence perry

Lawrence Perry

‘After the Past’ is an exhibition of new works by Lawrence Perry that investigate the human psyche within theatrical settings. This series of paintings invite the viewer to join the artist on his exploration of dramatic themes relating to the human condition. Each fragment of time depicted, stands to capture an epiphanic moment within a narrative carefully constructed by the artist. These snapshots are placed within confined spaces characterised by their surreal composition and geometry. Although in isolation, the performers enacting these scenes are accompanied by their unshakable companion; the shadow. The silhouetted figures that lurk within the backgrounds of Perry’s work raise more questions than they answer, urging the viewer to contemplate the psychology of his emotionally charged theatrics. These paintings may depict one singular moment, but reject the static nature of the present. Perry aims to formalise the understanding that what we perceive to be ‘the present’, is merely an accumulation of our past and future, thus leaving each scene positively charged with context, narrative and emotion.

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26.10 - 3.12

duo show

daan peeters
thomas renwart 


Samuel Lemba - IMG_3992.jpg
Birth of a CorpseFlower_80cmx1.10cmX100c,.JPG

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