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about us

our mission

/THE PLATFORM is a launch pad for young up-and-coming talent in the arts.

Our mission is clear: to provide a unique platform for national and international artistic talent to grow beyond the more conventional paths and enrich our Belgian cultural fabric.

Young artists are invited periodically to advance artistically and boost their careers through this collaborative platform and the gallery's network.

Those who need a platform, both emerging artists and recent graduates, transform the space each time into a new world of their own. During this process they are offered substantive, practical and personal support.

Open-minded and business-minded. Self-willed and professional. Structurally framed, but outside the more conventional established orders.

"When an open heart meets a serious mind, there's no limit to what can be achieved"

That is how /THE PLATFORM intends to further nurture, enrich and open up talented artists, the art world and our cultural experience in a broader sense in the years to come.

the team

Louise Buys


Wout Van Ackere


nele goed.jpg

Nele Visschers


Aline Kraus


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