about us

our mission

We aim to give young talent the platform they need to bring their work to the public, to discover which direction they want to take with their art, to familiarize themselves with this side of the art-business. 

We’re here to help and support, to discover the next generation and introduce them to our collectors. 

We’ve noticed that starting artists are hesitant about working with galleries because of typical contracts binding them to only one gallery. This is why our concept revolves around “no strings attached”. No binding contracts, only trust and support. 

The platform is a new, creative hub inside vcrb gallery. Thanks to the 20 years of experience of the gallery, the platform benefits from all the knowledge and contacts. In return, the gallery and its collectors enjoy the new, young talent introduced in the platform. 


want to apply?

Do you think we are a perfect match? Apply here for possible collaborations!

E-mail us a few pictures of your work and some information. We review every applicant thoroughly, so please understand it can take a few days for you to hear back from us. 

All applications are thoroughly reviewed by our Council of the Wise, consisting of collectors, artists and gallerists. After a first review based on your online application, we may invite you to one of our gatherings to see you and your work in person. 

What we would like to know

- small biography about who you are
- overview of previous exhibitions (if so)
- minimum 5 photo's of current work + size & technique

Send this to hello@theplatformbyvcrb.be and we will get back to you!