alexandra puscas

Antwerp, painter

alexandra puscas - the platform


wiltiner basilika - alexandra puscas - the platform

My starting point is the gesture. The big, bold movement that has always been there, together with the figurative. A search for structure, geometry, framing, fragmentation, shapes, texture and colour. My works originate from moving and almost dancing with materials. I crawl into this movement and in an almost childish way, with a lot of concentration, the works are coloured. I enter into a dialogue with the canvas itself, whereby I fight with the material, the colour and the image that I sketch. I tear, I re-glue, I add materials or I take parts away. After looking for a long time, I let the action take over by the hands and all the ratio disappears. Birds, trees, fences, people and signs are recurrent motifs in my work. They always remind me and refer to my country of origin, Romania. As a child, I have always been fascinated by the landscape and its surroundings. I could spend hours watching storks gracefully nesting on electrical wires and sheep skipping across the road. These are images that have always inspired me.
I am very experimental in a technical way, and these technical insights get a plastic translation. My work is a kind of assembly method (addition/removal). I myself cultivate a natural handling of my artistic practice. Not a linguistic discourse in this case, but an artistic discourse.