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My recent works do not tell stories. Instead, the process of how they came to be is the story. Their motives often come from my personal environment.

After an initial moment of decision, I dive deeper and deeper into the process of painting, and let it take control.

The origin of these specific works lies in a series of drawings on rice paper (pa's flower, 2020). The intimacy of these drawings made me curious about what would happen if I increased the size of the works. The support became more robust. Also the materials in general, their physical presence, became more important in these larger works.

I decided to banish all colour: only soft nuances of greys and blacks were used, combined with the natural colours of the carrier's linen and cotton. This choice gave elements such as painterly gestures and motifs a more prominent place. The most interesting things, painterly speaking, happen by chance. I am here to keep my eyes open for unexpected and exciting combinations of materials. Experimenting and "searching" in the studio is very important to me.

In the previously mentioned series of drawings, I repeated interpretations of the same plant. During this process, the drawings spoke more and more about themselves rather than about the motif of the plant. The last and most abstract paintings, which came after the drawings, suggest only the presence of something organic.




group show /Plein Magazijn, Borgerhout
FAAR /FAAR, Deurne
group show /Sint-Laurentiuskerk, Veltem