maria vashchuk

Haarlem, painter

maria vashchuk in studio



maria vashchuk after the storm

I spent my childhood in the Soviet Fashion House in Kiev and in various workshops where my father worked. As the only child in the family, I had room for my own fantasy world." Maria Vashchuk's background shimmers through in her layered work. For example, her use of color, typical of the former Soviet Union. And the depiction of textiles, influenced by her fashion-minded home environment. Starting from emotions, the canvas for Maria Vashchuk is a way of connecting psychological and societal issues with her artistic practice. The artistry comes organically after, and partly because of, Vashchuk 's studies and practice in psychology. Reflected in a broader social context, the viewer is given an insight into the intimate life of the artist. Where relationships, family, identity and love play a major role without literally portraying them. The exposure of personal processes is shielded by literal and figurative layers that require individual interpretation. For example, faces are left out in portraits and the story becomes something universal. Just as love is. Composition and human connections/interactions thus become more prominent in her oeuvre. Maria Vashchuk's work has been exhibited in various shows in The Netherlands, in Belgium, and has been selected as a part of the LIA program in Leipzig, Germany where the artist was a resident in 2020-2021. The artist lives and works in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Nieuw land - Castellvm Aqvae /Bloemendaal, NL
Continuation - Josilda da Conceição gallery /Amsterdam, NL 
De woonkamer - Gallery Kruis-Weg68 /Haarlem, NL

Connected - De Vishal, 

Wintersalon /De Bijl, Zoersel

To be Antwerp /Vroeyr, Antwerp